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Size approx.. 6 feet and 1 inch, chest 36 inches, under-chest-far 26 inches , waist 61 cm , hip 93 cm
shoe size 42 German size
weight of approx. 80 pounds in easy building method
weight with steel skeleton approx. 105 pounds
weight with stainless high-grade steel skeleton approx. 110 pounds
weight with aluminum skeleton approx. 92 pounds

Bosom options : from A cup to our megabosoms.

ANDY - Leona
What can we say about our first creation ?

She is sweet and quiet . She breathes near your side, her body is warmandt she scream when you caress her.

Watch her pictures, how she looks tender and loving.

LOLY - (Neira)
We mold the body of a woman of 5' 10'' tall to reduce it for a model of Loly very realistic of 4' 2'' tall.
Her bosom is about 39 E (reduce to more than 28 E)

Her measurements are : Loly's tall 4' 2'' (for a real woman of 5' 10'') ; Bosom : 28'' (for a real woman of 39.7'')
Underbosom : 20'' (for a real woman of 28.3'') ; Upper hip: 18'' (for a real woman of 25.2'')
Hips : 26.7'' (for a real woman of 37.4''

LOLY weight 52.9 lbm with motor, speed box and mechanisms.






Our cartoon's heroine is always ready !

38.6 inches tall for a so big amazing bosom.... This size is very nice for storage and handling. Her weight is probably a bit under ten pounds (5 kg) so again very easy to handle but enough weight to have some 'feedback' when in use.
Her butt and breasts are exaggerated to the point that they offer a very realistic impression of a normal sized woman. This adds to the fantasy very effectively. The weight / size and exaggerated 'assets' is intended to combine to achieve the erotic fantasy. she accomplishes this goal very well.
Girl on top position is very interesting when she is upright and absoutely great when she is leaning forward. Those nipples are pointed up for a reason. She is very flexible in all positions.
She is a no compromise little minx. What more can we say : Very good at what she does best.

EVY - (Alice)

EVY is 36' .2 " high and has got boobs as big as normal woman.

She has two available faces Evy and Alice

She is big enough to introduce vibrators and motors that permit us to make special rocking movements and so on. You can also ask for bigger boobs.

The sexual parts are in pharmaceutical silicone.


Her silhouette is a cute Manga girl cartoon.

She has a perfect moving skeleton.

Her size is about 30 inches, for less than 4 pounds weight.

She is appropriate for vaginal games.

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